Amie Cota

Hi Amy. My name is Xena La Cour. I stumble on ur FB page thru a family member's page and saw that 13 poems pic. The man looked like my grandfather Henry La Cour Sr. That interested me in clicking on your youtube links. I love your voice and style of music, its very soulful. I sing as well in Dallas where I relocated after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. I sure hope you plan a tour in the states soon. I would love to see you live. Have you ever sung any other styles?

Amie Cota responded on 12/08/2015

Hello, Xena.

Wonderful to meet you and thanks so very much for reaching out and for your kind words. My family is from Natchitoches, LA. So sorry to hear that you were displaced during Katrina. That was such an intense tragedy. But I'm glad that you're safe and hope that you've made a good home in Dallas. I hope that I can plan a tour soon as well! Most of the music I've performed could be considered folk, soul, R&B, some jazz. Let's hope we can meet one day!


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