Amie Cota

Just wondering who your LaCour ancestors are? Are your grandparent, great-grandparents, etc. from Cane River? I love your music. You remind me a lot of Carole King who I am a big fan of.

Amie Cota responded on 11/05/2010

Hello and thanks for your question. You are correct: my paternal grandparents are both from Cane River. They were raised in Natchitoches, LA and relocated to California in the 40s or 50s. I don't have a lot of family left in the area, but I did get to visit in 2001. At the time, I had a Creole aunt who was 107. She lived to be 114. Pretty cool stuff.

I've been compared to Carole King before and I take it as a BIG compliment. She is a fantastic writer/singer. So thanks a million.

All the best

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